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Agricultural Events and Notices

On this page, our farmers will be providing us with information and updates regarding events and notices that will be coming up through the growing, harvest and off-season. Come back often to see what your farms have going on!

Sharing Your Story, Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 6p to 8p, Middlesex County Extension Center, Haddam

The world is more connected than it ever has been - thanks to the internet and online communication. High school friends never lose touch, former colleagues stay connected and your clients are always a few "clicks" away. Keith Padin of Full Heart Farm will talk about how the "down-to-earth" business of farming must connect with the high speed of modern communications to stay relevant. He will discuss current trends in the food industry, social media and the importance of remaining in control of your story. Padin is director of Marketing and Communications at A Thyme to Cook and a member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. In addition, UConn Extension Educator Joseph Bonelli will discuss using crop insurance to manage farm risk and present a risk management program update.

Planning for Agriculture: A Guide for Connecticut Municipalities

Agriculture has always been, and continues to be, an important part of our state and local municipalities. Farms do much more than supply local farmers’ markets and attract tourists to Connecticut towns — the $3.5 billion agricultural industry supports the continued existence of many types of businesses, such as food manufacturers and processors, garden centers, veterinarians, farm equipment wholesalers and repair shops. Connecticut’s agricultural industry provides locally grown food that can purchased throughout the state or enjoyed at restaurants that proudly feature “farm to table” menu items. Our agricultural community provides the trees, shrubs and flowers that improve the quality of life for all residents in our downtown areas and at our homes. Our working lands also provide unique educational opportunities on the importance of maintaining our environment, the benefits of agriculture and important lessons on the history and development of our state.

Conservation Options for Connecticut Farmland: A Guide for Landowners, Land Trusts & Municipalities

Connecticut’s agriculture is being uprooted, as farms give way to subdivisions and suburban sprawl has made farming a logistical and economic challenge. The escalating loss of farmland threatens not just the viability of an industry but also the state’s rural legacy and landscape. Conservation Options for Connecticut Farmland aims to help landowners, land trusts and municipalities navigate the sometimes confusing array of public programs available to protect and steward their farmland. The guide also provides an overview of estate planning options and tax considerations, and includes case studies that highlight innovative and effective efforts to protect Connecticut’s working lands.

Connecticut Department of Agriculture Weekly Report Highlights Cromwell's Phoenix Farm!

Go to the "Know Your Farmers" website homepage and click on the CTDOA Weekly Ag Report button in the upper right to read about your "sister" farm in the RiverCOG town of Cromwell!

February 25, 2016 - Soil Sample Questionnaire for Home Grounds; UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory

We've provided a "Soil Sample Questionnaire for Home Grounds " from the UCONN Soil Nutrient Analysis Lab. As stated on the questionnaire, soil tests aid in diagnosing only those problems resulting from a lack or  excess of certain plant nutrients, and the level of soil acidity or alkalinity. Other factors that may adversely affect plant growth include soil drainage,  rainfall, sunlight, insects, plant diseases, weeds, winter injury and misuse of pesticides. None of these is identified by the soil test. You should receive  soil test results and fertilizer recommendations within 7 to 10 days.